Upcoming Workshop Announcements…

This March, we will begin offering our Fundamentals I Workshop on a few different Saturdays each month. Because Shelley and I will be working at the store (which closes at 4pm on Saturdays), the class will have to start at 4:30 and it will run til 9pm.

So far, we have not settled on any dates in March, but we will set some dates in the next few days.

Also, come March, our workshops will go from $75.00 to $85.00 (that is if you sign up for one after March 1st. But if you sign up and pay before March 1st, you will still only have to pay $75.00. Unfortunately, we were hoping that we would not have to increase our workshop fee. But due to the cost of running the workshops (studio space, supplies, junk food, etc), we had to go up just a little to help cover some of the added expenditures.

However, when we first started working on these workshops almost a year ago, we were thinking we would have to charge $100.00 for the workshop, so I am still happy to say that we are able to charge everyone only $85.00, instead of $100.00. So we still want to keep them affordable and competitive.

And for those who have already been to one of our workshops, well you might want to come to our Fundamentals II workshop on Sunday Mar 6th. We will cover some on and off camera flash techniques, workflow, more advanced metering, focusing tips and tricks, as well as much more. It will be a very informative class.

And remember, the class is only $75.00 if you sign up before March 1st.


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