Nikon D5000 kit with 18-55 vr lens – CLEARANCE – $629.95 !!!!!!!

Well the Nikon D5000 cameras have run their course. They came out back in the summer of 2009, and they were possibly the best entry level dslr cameras released. They initially sold for around $800.00 – $850.00. Later on they went down to $750.00 for the kit, which made it one of my favorite camera bodies to recommend to customers looking for a high-perfomance camera capable of incredible low light shooting.

Well, because of the D7000 ($1199.00 body only) and the d3100 ($699.00 for the kit), the D5000 looks to be on its way out. We will miss it. So to help sell out the remainder of the camera kits that we have in stock, we are selling them at the low price of $629.95 for the kit, with the 18-55VR lens (a $200.00 lens).

So come on down, grab you up one while they are here, and get to shooting. If you already own a Nikon DSLR, well this would make an excellent back-up camera.

Greg M


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