Our “What’s Used” Page and Our Craigslist Posts…

Well, we need to update our “What’s Used?” page. Usually Shelley or I update our used items list by copying and pasting our current craigslist posting and putting it up on our blog. However, due to the circumstances with craigslist (we are currently being ghosted), we have not updated our list in our blog yet, but we will in the next few minutes.

As far as the craigslist thing, I have to find the humor in it. I think its kind of funny how a few individuals have made it a mission to flag our ads so much that we ended up getting ghosted. I am not sure why some people would care whether we put an ad up on craigslist (something that DOES NOT violate the CL terms). Seriously, us putting up an ad helps others know what items should be priced at. There have been WAY too many times that I have found people on there who are trying to sell their 5-year old digital camera bodies for close to the same price they initially paid for it. We price our used equipment reasonably and we base a lot of our pricing off of what actually sold on ebay (funny how ebay has become the new used item price guide). As for us, we are an independently owned business in a world dominated by big business, big box, internet driven companies (companies that do everything they can to avoid paying American citizens an honest wage and do everything they can to invest their money in foreign markets, not to mention, how much tax revenue do you REALLY think our gov’t gets from those guys?) I just wish their were more stores like us around. More stores that were run by employees in actually trained in what they are selling, and stores that bring in sales tax that goes to their state and federal government.

But maybe, thats it! That’s the whole thing. Maybe the guys or girls who are doing all the flagging either work for big box companies and they want to take out all us small businesses. Or maybe they are individuals who hate America and they don’t want businesses that pay State and Fed Sales tax to be around anymore. But honestly, I feel that they are not only UnAmerican, I feel that they are just flat out losers with no life. Their life consists of sitting around in front of a computer, taking time away from raising their fictitious farm in farmville, fighting other mob faction on facebook, and watching online videos that their cause their parents to be ashamed (probably involving animals, too), so that they can shift through craigslist to be the unofficial craigslist moral police.

So to you flagger or flaggers, go flag yourself, or have you already done that a few times already today?


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