Peace Camera Presents: New Year, New You!!! Go Girl…

So its a New Year, a new Decade (kinda starting to sound like a Celine Dion song, yuck). So this means that you should have started your New Year’s Resolutions (lose weight, eat right, work out, spend less money, make more money, drink less, travel more, all those typical things you find on most NYRs). But we at Peace Camera (moi) felt like there should some newer NYRs for those who might be tired of writing down the same ones each year (hey, that could be a NYR… not have to write down so many next year :))

So, drum roll please Geof (yes, we know you like the Drum Corps, so play that funky music white boy)…

  1. I will not Shoot in Automatic Mode ANY MORE!!! Yeah, that’s right, all you turkeys out there shooting automatic with your fancy new camera you just recently bought, I am calling you out! Word. Just admit it, you don’t like reading the instruction manual bc you don’t like reading books written by dudes who haven’t gotten any in a long time. Yes, those manuals put you to sleep faster than a Norah Jones album in a math class. But now you don’t need to read that damn thing. Just come to one or more of our workshops and become a “Master of Your Camera Domain” (tee hee hee). Learn that Av and Tv are have nothing to do with old television sets. Learn how Matrix metering has nothing to do with Keanu Reeves. Learn how the Atkins Diet will never work for Steve bc he thinks he is losing weight when he eats a pound of Velveeta cheese.
  2. I will put some money in some “Fast Glass”. Not sure what “Fast Glass” is. Well it use to mean that when you bought these types of lenses your money would leave your bank account pretty darn fast… but now with Tamron and Tokina (notice how I left out one manufacturer whose name starts with an “S”, ends in an “A”, and in the middle you will find “IGM” – ok, I know, they arent all bad, but most of them are not any of Deeppocket ChOprah’s Faves). So, rather than dropping $1000 to $2000 on some Fast Zoom lenses by Nikon or Canon, how about save some money and get a great Tamron or Tokina for closer to the $500 range. So let us show you some fancy new lenses and get you to using the stuff the pros use (however, you will be paying a lot less than what those guys or gals paid).
  3. I will go backwards and learn how to shoot film (ok, HYPOCRITE ALERT – I do not and never ever ever will shoot film ever again bc I shoot color and I am too laze and too broke to pay for film and processing – HOWEVER… If I start shooting black and white, I DEFINITELY will start shooting film and re-learning how to process and develop b&w film) But right now, I am as digital as you get. (I chimp, therefore I am). So, back to NYR and don’t laugh too much at the hypocrisy… Soooo, yes, you have been shooting digital and you are hearing a lot about all the different films that are no longer being produced or even processed anymore. But you are wishing you had shot a few rolls of kodachrome before it was halted. Or maybe you are wishing you had some experience shooting medium format, or even large format. Well guess what boys and girls, we STILL sell film cameras. Well they are not new anymore, they are used, but that’s good for you because used means, it has character, it has a story, it has a few bumps and scratches, and only sissies shoot with clean untouched cameras (no offense you Zeiss and Leica shooters). So buy a film camera, buy some film, go get a PBR at the Raleigh Times, and take some film pics of yourself mugging up to the camera.
  4. I will not write as many long-winded, cramped up, run-on sentence-filled paragraphs, anymore.
  5. I will bring baked goods to the lovely fellas at Peace Camera, especially that kind-hearted, handsome, intelligent, amazing photographer, Greg Myers (Dr. Donut himself)
  6. I will start using a tripod more often and get rid of the old piece of crap tripod I purchased at Wally World a few years back… YES, ITS BLOODY TIME YOU GET A REAL, HONEST TO GOODNESS TRIPOD! Yes they are heavy, yes they can be bulky. But now with the new technology, along with other companies like Vanguard, Benro, and Induro (more of a fan of Vanguard myself), you can get good deals on great tripods (great meaning vanguard, ok, good, or ehh, to the benro and induro).
  7. I will print more of my pictures. Yes, its time to print your work and show it off. Especially if they are pics of super sexy ladies like the “Women of the View” (come on Playboy, why haven’t you shot that concept yet? What guy doesn’t want to see Barbara WaWa, Whoopie Goldberg, and Joyce “Sexy Legs” Behar, showing off their stuff in the buff?). But if you are shooting pics of butterflies, sunsets, dogs, kids, weddings, Steve’s belly, or anything else, show them to the other guys here (they are more sensitive and emotional and appreciate beauty of the earth more than me, jk;) ). But seriously, print your work. You will feel more like a photographer and printed work looks much better than hanging a bunch of monitors on the wall. So come in pick up a new Canon Printer, and make some prints.


Greg M


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