Yes we are open… even though its snowy, wet and slushy outside…

So, if you want to leave your house in this weather, than come on down to the shop and take a look at some of our “new” “used” items, including a used 300mm 2.8 AF-I Nikon lens, a D300s used, a D300 used, an 85mm 1.2 II L Canon Lens, and plenty of other cool used items.


And if you want something new, we got plenty of cool new items, too. We even have the battery grips to the Nikon D7000 in stock, as well as the replacement batteries. Unfortunately, we do not have any D7000 Camera bodies in stock. But if you want one, come down and ask for me and I can put you on the list for one. But I would recommend you prepaying for one so that you can guarantee your spot on the list.


However, if you are looking for a new camera, one that is in stock, let me recommend the Nikon D3100, or the Canon T2i, or even the Canon 60D. Or maybe even my favorite, the Nikon D700. I own both the D700 and the D7000 and they are my favorite cameras I have ever owned. I honestly feel the Nikon D700 is the greatest full frame camera of all time for the price. So if you have questions about these, let me know.


Thanks and look forward to seeing you in the shop.


Greg Myers


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