Nik Software HDR EFEX PRO

Okay I was really excited when I heard that Nik software had developed  HDR Efex Pro software. I have been a fan of Nik software for several years.

High dynamic range photography is a process in which multiple exposures are captured, aligned and merged to generate a single image that enables a much wider range of colors and tonality. HDR techniques are typically used to enhance landscape, architectural, nighttime, and artistic photography.

HDR Efex Pro has 33 presets that are fun to play around with or you may use the custom adjustment feature to experiment to your hearts delight and create a very complex image.

I used HDR EFex with Adobes Lightroom version 2.7 took some photos
Of the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center from a recent visit. The three images were normal and +1 stop over and -1 stop under the normal exposure.
I selected the three images in Lightroom. I then exported them into the HDR Efex Pro software. I used the preset #10 Vibrant Details & Color. I then saved the file.
Took it into Adobe Photoshop and cleaned up the sky since my sensor was dirty at the time when I took the photos.

Here are the files and the final image. Come in and take a look and buy the software.
We are selling it for $159.95 We have other Nik Software too.
If you have any questions come in and I will try to answer them or find the answer.

Gregory Wiggs

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