Fuh-get ’bout Oprah’s list … here’s a list of MY Favorite things

So you want to know what to get for that special someone for Christmas, and you are tired of searching online for reviews on all the MANY different items available this Holiday Season. Well let me help you simplify things and list some of my favorite things in this crazy world of photography that you should come in and take a look at, and let us answer any of your questions.

Favorite Nikon DSLR Cameras

  1. Consumer/Entry Level Nikon Mount = (Nikon d3100 with 18-55VR lens for $699.00) = This is a wonderful entry level dslr that gives you the performance of many cameras priced almost twice this amount. Not only do you get a top of the line still camera, you also get a high-end digital video camera that shoots high-definition video at 1080p. Plus, another wonderful thing about it is that it is a Nikon (which is what I shoot – if you remember from earlier posts, I use to be Team Canon, but I switched back in August). And when you shoot Nikon, you get the best low-light images.
  2. Mid-Range/Prosumer DSLR Nikon Mount = (Nikon D7000 body $1199.00) = Well these are AWESOME, but they are still nearly impossible to get. I own one and I love it. It does HD video at 1080p, just like the D3100, but it is still a more advanced camera. It is almost a hybrid of a Nikon D90, Nikon d300s, and a Canon 7D (bc of the HD Video). But it is the low-light aspect of the camera that I am in love with. Unfortunately, if you want one, you will have to come in or call and prepay for one. But even if you do that, there is no guarantee it will be here before Xmas. But if you want to see one, call and ask for me and I might be able to bring mine into the shop for you to look at.
  3. Pro Level DSLR Nikon Mount = (Nikon D700 body $2700.00) = This is still the BEST PRO Camera for the money. It is full frame, does not shoot video, but the image quality you can get out of this camera is phenomenal. This is the reason I switched from Canon to Nikon.


(I did not go into a lot of technical specs about these cameras, but if you want technical, trust me, I can go technical (we all can here at the shop). So call or come by for more technical info on these cameras)

Favorite Canon DSLR

  1. Entry Level DSLR Canon Mount = (Canon Rebel T2i) = Well first let me state that I hate it when people refer to the Rebel cameras as Canon 400D or 500D Cameras. We in ‘Merica, where we call ’em Rebels. So that’s what I like to call them, Rebels. When you go off to that dirty Francy Pants Country, then call them your precious little whatever-D dslr camera. But yes, the name Rebel sounds stupid for a camera. And when I think about the Rebels I recall those old commercials in which Andre Agassi was their spokesperson (back when he had hair, too). And even then, I thought it was a dumb name for a camera. But honestly, there are TOO TOO TOO MANY  cameras with numbers in them, and it gets tough to keep them straight, so calling them a Rebel T1i or T21 is so much easier for us as opposed to their European names of 500D and 550D.                     BUT LETS GET BACK TO THE REVIEW – Its a great camera for the buck. Does great video, great stills, and good low-light (for a Canon, lol). I wish it shot more frames per second, but if you want to shoot sports, you can do it with this camera. But you would do better with a 60D for sports. And this leads us to my next choice.
  2. Mid Range/Prosumer DSLR Canon Mount = (Canon 60D Body $1099.00) = This is an interesting camera. As one of our guys, Shelley put it, it is the result of a love-child between a Canon 7D and a Canon G12. Kinda funny, right, but its really more than that. It is a very advanced DSLR with good low-light ability, great HD Video recording, and a fast enough frame-rate to shoot almost any sport (other than golf, bc that’s not a real sport, jk, wink wink)
  3. Pro-Level DSLR Canon Mount = (Canon 5D Mk II Body $2500.00) = Well its the Best Canon Full Frame shooter on the market, for the money. Yes, you could go with a 1Ds Mk III, but you can’t shoot HD video with it like you can with the 5D Mk II. The video quality is so good with the 5D Mk II that it is being used to shoot tv shows, movies, and music videos. As for the still shots, well, its a 5D. And when you shoot with a 5D you are shooting with one of the best portrait, fashion, commercial cameras EVER MADE. But good luck with this if you are a fast action sports shooter (unless you are shooting golf, bc seriously, how fast do these golfers move???)



Ok and for the rest of the list

  1. Sony NEX 3 or NEX 5 = AMAZING Digital camera that is small, compact, and has an AP-S sensor in it. It is the smallest camera with that large of a size sensor in it. Not only is it compact, but the lenses are sharp, fast, and you can fire off SIX frames a second with the camera. There are too many bells and whistles to write about, so come in and let us show them to you.
  2. Lens Babies = No they are not the same as Beanie Babies, these actually have a real use. But you can achieve selective focus with them, create visually striking effects, without using photoshop, and you can apply different filters and accessories to customize the look. Check out their website for more info. http://www.lensbaby.com. One of their new items is their scout. It is a cool fisheye of theirs.
  3. Special Guest Spot on the Steve Show = well this is free, just come in and talk to Steve about his dogs, fishing, and the beach. If you are lucky, you might be on the same show in which Geof is the musical guest. You should hear his “air percussion”. Their might even be a Christmas Special in the next few weeks.
  4. Tamron 70-300 VC USD Lens. Well, this lens is becoming one of my new favorite lenses. It is the FASTEST focusing Tamron lens EVER, and it is even focusing faster than most of the Canon and Nikon mount lenses we have tested it against. It is insanely sharp, and its sharpness, color, and contrast make you think you are shooting with a Hasselblad lens. If you are a sports shooter, this is a MUST-OWN! Right now is a great time to get this or almost ANY Tamron bc they are running INCREDIBLE rebates this Holiday Season. Currently, you get $50.00 back from Tamron when you buy this lens. But if you buy it along a camera, you get $100 back from Tamron.

WELL MORE TO COME … Its getting busy in here. Btw, still no baked goods this week! What up with dat? What up with dat?




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