Bad weather=New Toys

Well since it is gross and gloomy out come on down and see us.  Today we will be getting our shipment.  Actually it should be a  mystery shipment since we never know what Geof orders.

New items for you to come and put your hands on are:  Nikon coolpix p7000(the G12 killer! yeah right), Nikon Coolpix s8100, Sony wx5(Sweet sweep pano mode), Sony NEX 5(Wicked awesome video) and the waterproof pentax w90 in green, orange and black!

For all the natural light childrens photogs out there, since you are not shooting today, come in and look at adding light to your work.  It is easier than you think!  Check out the 2light continuous light kits from smith victor, ideal for setting up a scene for Halloween pics next week.

Come bring David some Gatorade, as he tries to organize the back stock, so our selling lives can be easier.  Oh and if you are not busy tonight at 9:30pm head out to WRAL fields off Perry Creek Rd to watch Shelley and David play some soccer in the TASL league.  Great practice for taking pics for your own childrens soccer games.  At half time Shelley can give you some tips!  They play on the Centex B field.

Like always we offer free sensor cleanings, free viewing of Steve’s pics of his Dogs and Boat, Free Bicycle stories and fashion tips from Geof and general smart ass sassafrass from us all!  For those inclined to share wonderful baked goods with us, might we make a request for banana nut or blue berry muffins?  Thank you all that take care of our ever growing stomachs, we really do appreciate it, thank you so very much!


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