Used Items list updated

Just updated the “What’s Used?” page located under the Products menu. For a direct link to the page, click on the following link…

“What’s Used?”

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3 thoughts on “Used Items list updated

  1. Need some help re tripods. Currently I have an old Slik U-212. with a simple screw mount plate. Is it possible if I brought it to you to “trick” it out. Such as fast release pistol grip, panning head for DSLR -HD video (Nikon D800) and the wheels where I can move the tripod easily while filming or shooting. I know nikon has back ordered mounting plates for tripods as well. Now comes the difficult part, I’d like to be able to do this for no more then $400-$500.
    There’s no rush on doing this once you agree and I drop it off, it’s going to take me a bit of time for me to get acquainted with The D800.

    I appreciate your time


    Craig M Smith

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